Rumors about the Neighbors (2) by Caroline Penris

Welcome back Caroline Penris, with the second installment of “Rumors about the Neighbors”:

Rumor had it that her beauty had once made her the object of adoration.


Ever since the premature passing of her husband, she´d stopped cutting the faded blossoms of lavender. He had always celebrated their anniversaries with them. He celebrated her beauty and the scent of love while she was still a dazzling bloom:

“Ladies fair, I bring to you lavender with spikes of blue; sweeter plant was never found
Growing on our backyard ground.”

Nobody in the neigborhood would have seriously assumed that she was capable of murder, just because he´d suddenly dismissed her vital need for that sort of reassurance.

[story written by Wired TotheNinth]

Caroline tells us: “This is an ongoing photo project about The Neighbors. I invited a few people to write short stories or captions to my photos. I’m working on a book about The Neighbors: a selection of photos and stories.”

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