People of the Klein Karoo Part 2 by Jill Coleman

Here’s the second installment we promised of Jill Coleman’s powerful portraits of the people of the Klein Karoo.

(Here’s part 1) Your comments and shares are most welcome. And when you scroll down, you’ll find out about the much anticipated upcoming book of Jill’s work.


Jill tells us:

“People Of The Klein Karoo is a photo essay done over a period of five years. It is taken of a small farming community in the Western Cape of South Africa. There is Hendrik, Beetjie and more including my favourite Hans.

We are trying to publish a book and raise funds to get it printed. This will benefit me as well as the folks there. These ten images are just part of a series of literally thousands of images. I am trying to raise funds from the book to be able to travel elsewhere and do another series of photographs.

I am a recovering alcoholic and bipolar and have spent the better part of four years in Psychiatric Institutions where my treatment was appalling, I intend to do something about this and have written to various magazines about my treatment. This book will help the injustices of this sometimes terrible land we live in. “

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3 thoughts on “People of the Klein Karoo Part 2 by Jill Coleman”

  1. Brilliant portrait photography. People should know more about this artist. A few years ago, I was chairman of the board of a not-for-profit environmental film festival (Planet in Focus – googlit). I asked Jill if she could contribute one of her portraits to a silent auction to raise funds for the festival, and she immediately sent me an exquisite print of one of her best b&w portraits. It brought a handsome price at the auction. Jill did not benefit financially from that, but her generosity of spirit, her good will and her great talent will certainly never be forgotten by me. And my understanding of the world is changed every time I look at one of her photographs. That’s a sure sign, for me, of a great artist.

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