aamora Featured Artist: June 2012 Peter Brutschin

Aamora Featured Artist June 2012

Peter Brutschin

Peter Brutschin has worked for nearly 20 years with handicapped people: managing a sheltered workshop and assisting with arts and handicrafts. In addition to being a photographer, Peter is also an  ex-carpenter, ex-designer of playgrounds, toys and equipment for handicapped people, and public art projects.

His passions since 1951 have been strolling, looking up and down & exploring ‘the things’. Peter uses his photography to take notes and document his paths.  Find more of Peter’s work on his Flickr stream or visit his workshop line here.

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  1. Hi Peter. Welcome to Aamora! Great set of B&Ws – look forward to seing more!

  2. Welcome Peter, its great to have you here and looking forward to what this month will bring from your work!

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