Island Life by Aamora Member Michael Van der Tol

Island Life

by Michael Van der Tol

{Departure Bay, Vancouver Island, BC}

I go through phases with my photography

and rather then try to control or stiffle the natural flow,  

I just try to go with it.

{Tonquin Island, BC}

After all photography was never meant to be work;

there’s already enough of that.

{Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island, BC}

I don`t think I`ve picked up my DSLR

in a month to capture a moment.

{Horseshoe Bay, BC}

Instead I count on my iPhone to stop time

as I travel about this wonderful part of the world

that I call home.

{Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC}
{Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island, BC}
{Salt Spring Island, BC}
{Hornby Island, BC}

2 thoughts on “Island Life by Aamora Member Michael Van der Tol”

  1. Beautiful images of a beautiful place. For the past year I too have relinquished my DSLR for my iPhone. Something about always having a camera in your pocket and being able to process it in “camera” if need be. As you so rightly said, not work – fun!

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