Screened by Maura Wolfson-Foster

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Maura Wolfson-Foster

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Maura tells us: “I received my B.F.A. from Bennington College in Vermont. It was there I learned how to “see” and ‘listen” abstractly. Before that, I studied in NYC with Daniel Green, a well-known portrait artist…. total realism, oil paints, “live” models….also, posed as a painter’s model during that period. Owned “Embellishments” – a business I created from being inspired by a small Indian mosaic frame found in the gift shop of the Jacksonville Museum of Art. – for 12 years.”

Now, she works at Merrill Lynch, helping people with their 401k plans. Photography has become my salvation. – You can see more of Maura’s photography at and her previous aamora posts here.

10 thoughts on “Screened by Maura Wolfson-Foster”

  1. Maura, absolutely love these images! Any view through screens like these turns interesting, just because it forces us to see closely, besides the complex layers and textures…

  2. Wonderful series Maura! I especially like the ones with a tear in the material that give us a glimpse of what’s beyond.

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