Baked Polaroid by Jim Robertson

Release by Jim Robertson
Release (b) by Jim Robertson

“Release (b)” could also be referred to as “This is your Polaroid on Drugs” as it is thoroughly baked. The original was taken about six months ago with my SX-70 using Fade to Black film. That’s a type of Polaroid film that literally fades to black 24 hours after initial exposure. It can be scanned throughout the darkening process as seen below shortly after exposure:

Release (a) by Jim Robertson
Release (a) by Jim Robertson

I placed the photo in storage over the winter. Spring saw the emergence of “Release” as it was relocated to the dashboard of my car where it baked for two months. The sun revived the image in dramatic fashion with plenty of cracklin’ detail as seen in the first image. Fun, huh? Time to get back to some Polaroid cookin’! No digital manipulation necessary!

Founding member, Jim Robertson, follows the photographic path in Lexington, KY. You can view more of Jim’s work at his website or his past contributions to

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  1. Great “natural” process! Ecologically using solar power. And I like the result!

  2. Dude! Nothin’ half baked about this photo, it rocks! Oh…and Dude, I just love my faded jeans…and…and…well…you, you crack me up, Dude!

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