Sunnyside Pavillion by Aaron Schwartz

Early evening in Toronto’s Sunnyside Pavillion (formerly the “Bathing Pavillion”) at Sunnyside Beach (formerly “Sunnyside Amusement Beach”) echoes with its rich history. Read here for more.

Founder of, Aaron Schwartz, is a photographer, actor, lawyer, writer, and flaneur based in Toronto. You can view more of Aaron’s work at his website, on JPG Magazine, or on

9 thoughts on “Sunnyside Pavillion by Aaron Schwartz”

  1. Interesting to see, through your eyes, the quietude of a once boisterous and crowded Sunnyside. I like the way one photo blends into another, changing only in tint. You have captured the granduer of this place that has aged so gracefully….

  2. Thank you, Aaron, for inviting me to mosey through Sunnyside Pavillion and visit with the ghosts of days gone by. This is an impressive and elegant series that has your signature on it.

  3. unmistakinly your work and beautiful! the black and white image is especially good!

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