And Now Something Completely Different by Catharine Amato

“A few years ago I got to photograph in unusual (for me) places. My son was a founding member of Italian Championship Wrestling (in the admin but also a wrestler). I was asked to film several matches for them, but couldn’t resist some backstage portraits now and then!

In the early days, when their fed. was short of cash, some of the foreign guest stars stayed with us and I got used to politely sipping tea with giants from the UK,  USA, Canada and Belgium!

What did the neighbours think?

I miss those days since my son retired from the ring!”.

{Red Devil}
{Diamond and Crazy G}
{Il Drago}
{Psycho Mike}



17 thoughts on “And Now Something Completely Different by Catharine Amato”

  1. Cambiano i soggetti ma non la mano dell’artista!
    Ritratti molto divertenti, brava come sempre Catharine

  2. Sono d’accordo con Jim Ford. Interessante scorgere l’ironia sotto l’aspetto volutamente minaccioso dei tuoi campioni.

  3. Full of attitude – a nice glimpse from a fly on the wall’s perspective

  4. Catharine….You are full of surprises. From your idyllic Italian landscapes to pro wrestling backstage….really terrific. I always look forward to seeing your work….very nice indeed.

  5. Great set of backstage pics! The fans-pictures add an extra dimension to the story..

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