Aamora Guest Photographer: Catherine Hadler with Jim & Jolie ::: Triptych Trio Collab


by Jim Ford, Jolie Buchanan, Catherine Hadler

Triptych Artist Trio Collaboration in Wildcard 

Jim Ford, Jolie Buchanan & Catherine Hadler with Transform

Top is a digital capture by Jim Ford; the middle is a Hassablad film capture by Jolie Buchanan; the bottom is a cyanotype by Catherine Hadler.

Aamora gives special thanks to Jim Ford who compiled the triptych from each artist’s original jpeg files and added his unique tweaking touch to bring this together for inspiration.

Note: Triptych example = 550 pixels width x 1200 pixels tall

Jim Ford is from Upstate, NY, a photographer with a special motto: “Wandering is one of my passions; where it leads me is not as important as what I see along the way”. View Jim’s work on his Flickr photostream or aamora.

Aamora member Jolie Buchanan is a painter, potter & photographer based in Columbus, Indiana, USA; You can enjoy Jolie’s work on her website or her other contributions to aamora.

Artist Catherine Hadler specialises in food and event photography. Catherine is based in Reading, Berkshire. View Catherine’s work at: Creative Commercial Photography.

Project Triptych
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