12 thoughts on “Lock #10 by Jim Robertson: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. Perfectly achieved unity of words and image. And the tones and seemingly veiled borders only enhance the theme…

  2. what lovely color! The scene can really get the imagination going here… the “Stay Away” sign so foreboding, but they have something so important to do/say, the sign is insignificant or nonexistant to them.

  3. “You gave me the key of your heart, my love; then why did you make me knock?”

    “Oh that was yesterday, saints above! And last night I changed the lock!”

    John Boyle O’Reilly

    You’ve captured the essence of the Secret Project “lock, stock and barrel.”

  4. This is a beautiful but heart-rending image Jim, a great contribution to the Secret Project. Thankyou!

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