Lamont’s Lament by Aamora Contributing Member Crystal Lamont

Fashion icon and style muse

Crystal Lamont

took to the streets to shoot some fashion Dos & Don’ts

                                   ….but she didn’t see any Dos.


Crystal Lamont

Photographiste, actress, filmmaker, commentator & celebrity is a distinguished Aamora member. 

Crystal’s a reknowned expert on all things aesthetic. View Crystal’s work on aamora or her videos on You Tube.

8 thoughts on “Lamont’s Lament by Aamora Contributing Member Crystal Lamont”

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  2. “Dos” would be boring, would they not? “Donts” give me personally a clearer idea of what to avoid. Crystal, you’ve saved my ass once again and I love you for it.

  3. Wonderful to have Crystal’s wisdom at our service again…..I have been in a fashion void for some time and now I would like some tips from Crystal on what we should be wearing this winter. How we can keep warm without incurring Crystal’s criticism.

  4. Dear Ms. Lamont,

    What a pleasure to have you grace us with your presence and gentle insights once again. I can only imagine what glamorous and tasteful adventures you’ve been having since your last visit. May I take this opportunity to remark, with some surprise and dismay, on the number of comments your important fashion piece has attracted? Where are your usual throngs of fans? Busy? Moribund? Deceased?

    Your fan and admirer,


  5. Bravo Ms. Lamont. You deserve kudos for your tireless efforts at reforming this countries pressing need for a fashion makeover. Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.

    Perhaps this learned photo essay could be followed by one of you in your usual tasteful attire demonstrating as it were the Dos.

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