Puzzled by Diane Peterson

This idea started out simply. Diane took several shots of the same image with an analog camera having very few, if any, bells & whistles.

She wanted to see how the same image changed just shooting from different angles.

Diane rarely, if ever, has her work processed & printed by someone other than herself, but this time, she wanted to “play” with the actual touch and feel pictures.

Looking at the prints, Diane decided to cut them apart and piece them back together from different angles.

Interestingly, when you first glance at each image, you don’t notice how the sidewalks don’t match up: skylines are off kilter, things seem a little “jumbled”.

Once the images are “put together” Diane then re-shoot them with a digital camera.

American photographer Diane Peterson is an aamora.com member living on the northern prairies of Idaho using a collection of analog & digital cameras. View Diane’s work on her website, her blog, at holgaville or aamora.com.

6 thoughts on “Puzzled by Diane Peterson”

  1. What an interesting and creative idea! I especially like the third, almost black and white image. A challenge to our visual perception of things and very effective.

  2. Through that breach these images attain like a 3rd dimension. I like especially the first one…

  3. Well, I was as puzzled as the pictures for a while… Yes, very nice and very interesting!

  4. I love the perspective warp and subtle change of space, which goes great with your chosen subjects….very nice Diane.

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