Aamora Guest Photographer: Buzz Burza

2BdRm GtVu by Buzz Burza


We’d like you to meet Buzz Burza. He’s appearing here at aamora.com as a guest photographer.  Buzz tells us . . .

“It was the summer of 1979. I took this shot from the drawing room of  apartment 20A at Seven West Fourteenth Street, NYC.  The shared apartment ad in the Village Voice had read “2BdRm GtVu”.

Buzz describes himself as . . .
“a Delhi based Yank, Wisconsin class of 1965,
Peace Corps INDIA XVI, 20 years in Toronto,
writes for various Indian publications and our
NGO “Samvedana Culture and Heritage Trust”.

From time to time, aamora.com will publish photography, writing, video, and artwork of a guests. If you’re interested in having your work considered for publishing email us at [email protected] and find out more.

13 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Photographer: Buzz Burza”

  1. The photo, herself, can explain million stories to me. This one, although much removed in time, it sends me to the files of the Farm Security Administration. Perhaps there was no depression in 79, perhaps the photo was done by a depressed Buzz, perhaps the depression is in my eyes…

  2. I am quietly pleased to be the first guest
    in this undertaking. During the 1980’s and
    into the early 90’s I had more than 500
    photographs in 13 exhibitions in Toronto. More than
    half of them were sold, but 300+ were the
    26 feet of 4 by 6 foamcore entitled
    “All Those Goddamn Photographs” and
    consisted entirely of documentary photos
    from the Kensington Market. The money
    financed one of my return trips to India.
    Gallery Idee rep’ed me and the half
    dozen photos they sold I just let ride
    and let them keep the money. My first
    show was a 20 year retrospective, A to W
    [Annapolis to Washington] that became a
    book a year later in 500 signed numbered
    copies. Inside the cover was sorta a
    mission statement:

    “Although I’ve taken a lot of photographs, I
    don’t consider myself to be a photographer.
    Rather, I’ve found cameras to be a convenient
    way to capture what I see. I still see what I saw.”

    This still stands. And now I’ve found
    you, aamora. I look forward to what will come,
    as it is sure to be good.

  3. dreamy eerie
    time thats almost forgotten
    fallen towers
    aged dreams
    veiled view of yesteryear

  4. i am a nyer all my life . i lived in soho in 79 .. worked for vidal sassoon. was shooting alot of b/w film. brings me back to more innocent times.

  5. Love the quality of this foto. Hopefully, Buzz U will become a regular contributer & we will see more stories & fotos of yours here at SS Aamora.

  6. NYC to the core. I love shots of NYC’s water towers.

    Welcome aboard the SS aamora. It looks like your 3 hour tour will be smooth sailing.

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