Old School by Catharine Amato

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Some people have referred to my photography as “Old School”, perhaps just because I am, in fact, old – at least compared to the many photographers I’m in contact with.

Now these images really ARE “Old School” as I shot them when I was at school, aged 16 to 17! I had a Brownie Box and was having fun. Now I see many younger photogs are searching out these old cameras and having fun with them, too, so maybe I’m not so “Old School” after all!

These images are from 1963 and 1964.

Catharine Amato, artist & founding aamora member, grew up in England & now spends winters near Milan & summers in Tuscany. View more of Catharine’s wonderful work on her website, JPG Magazine or aamora.

10 thoughts on “Old School by Catharine Amato”

  1. The old school is always the new school…leading edge work develops out of our past. New school usually co-opts from past generations. Thus giving your fotos here a fresh look with a touch of nostalgia. GR8 to see this here.

  2. Beautiful and refreshing….your talent is timeless Catharine.
    p.s. Age is just a number (sic) – from the movie, “Lost Horizons”

  3. Young at heart and talented from the start, you continue to amaze, Catharine. Love these shots, especially the bike spokes.

  4. Old….Old….we are not old….are we? Anyway….wonderful series of photos that showed great promise then and proved so as your images are always excellent Catharine.

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