Part V: History Repeats Itself by Michael Van der Tol

The sound of an ambulance could be heard in the distance as TJ made his way to the back of Dave’s property. Jenny poked her head out from behind the cedar hedge and frantically ushered TJ to follow her.

“Officer over here”, Jenny blurted.

“I’m right behind you Ms.”, TJ piped back, still clinching his Glock at his side.

As TJ ventured back behind the cedar hedge he came face to face with Dave.

“What the F**k! Where’d you come from Broadway?” Dave questioned.

You couldn’t tell if TJ was embarrassed or furious by Dave’s reference to him as Broadway. The call-down still had the same result is always had; TJ’s shoulders slouched forward he loosed his grip on the Glock and his eyes gazed toward the ground.

“I was down at Dolly’s when I heard the 11-8 over the pipe”, TJ explained. “Where’s the body, or is this one of your practical jokes?”, he continued.

Dave didn’t appreciate the innuendo. “Listen Asshole!”, Dave ripped. Then went nose-to-nose with TJ.

Just then the ambulance could be heard pulling into the drive way and both TJ and Dave redirected their attention back toward the house.

“The paramedics are here”, Jenny announced; stating the obvious, “What do we tell them?”

“Leave it to me, I can explain”, Dave piped up.

As Dave quickly walked back toward the house he noticed something lying in the tall grass a few feet from the cedar hedge. As he looked closer he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a severed thumb and index finger – still dripping with blood.

A “Holy Shit”, slipped from Dave mouth; TJ and Jenny immediately turned their attention back to Dave.

“It’s happening again”, Dave gulped. “Or is it?, he thought.

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  1. Holy Moly or Wow? I’m not sure yet and not sure if it really matters….it has my attention and I have looked more than once and read a couple times more….I keep looking….

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