A Different Kind of Murder by Mario Scattoloni

A Different Kind of Murder

by Mario Scattoloni

Barcelona, February 2012

This series of images is a personal i-phoney photographic diary that began nine months back. It has segued into a series of daily silent tandem hikes into nature with Ellen.For me, it has become a meditation on the mark of civilisation on nature.

 Stealing an hour or so at the start of each day, we make our journey into the hills before sun rise, wending our way away from the smog and frenzy of Barcelona, in exchange for entering paradise, a mere 10 minutes by train into the hills. It is as if I were walking in the shoes of a forensics expert, agog with the clues of a possible murder mystery just underfoot.

A Different Kind of Murder is a pictorial map made up of various images which are the result of my territorial sojourns.

While the capture of tire tracks and footprints of animals and people is the least obvious muse for the given surroundings, the process used, (a photographic application entitled Leme Camera) is Polaroid-like in its methodology.

A small wait occurs as the image develops like the analogue days of yore, allowing for the mind to dance with a stunning array of questions.

Photographer Arthur Fellig, (also known as Weegee) once said:

…the easiest kind of a job to cover was a murder.
The stiff would be laying on the ground.
He couldn’t get up & walk away or get temperamental.’

Perhaps these images are not just me documenting evidence, but rather an investigation of a simple moment in the forest and what occurs in the throes of photographing within her embrace.

It would seem that there is already an abundance of evidence on a possible crime not yet committed. Many suspects have left their imprint on the earth´s surface, creating an entire complex of supposition, never to be caught in the act.

In contrast to this, these invigorating walks actually revive what the city has done to us in a slow, toxic and insidious manner. 

Therefore, each of the images is imbued with both life and death, real or imagined.

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Mario Scattoloni is an artist based in Barcelona, Spain.  View more of Mario’s work on Flickr; visit his profile at Redbubble or his work photos at JPG Magagzine

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  1. Welcome back mario! Very nice spin…murder mystery solved. Thanks for taking us on such a delightful journey; a peace-filled jaunt of exploration

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