11 thoughts on “Dali by Alexis Gerard”

  1. It doesn’t get any better than Mr. Gerard’s take on Dali – or, anyone/anyplace! Grandiose, opulent, monumental work. Thank you dear Alexis….

  2. Good work, Mr G. Especially like your shot of the cafe with the statue of the guy eating pizza, although I think a deli would be more appropriate, don’t you? Speaking of a deli, MW’s Dali-Dalai dilemma is probably because they’re having a heat wave in Toronto. It makes the brain melt, you know.

  3. Thank you Michael, Marie, Mario and John! Mario, call me out-to-lunch: I didn’t realize you lived in Barcelona until Llorenç told me so while I was in Lleida. By then it was too late to set anything up. DEFINITELY the next time I’m in your area or if you, hopefully, visit California!

  4. This place looks all to familiar. Its always nice to see another take on Dali-landia.
    Its a real shame we never got a chance to hook up Alexis. Well, perhaps the next time your thru the area.

  5. Woah, Alexis, these are great shots. With a different Dali in the news lately (actually ‘Dalai’), upon first glance of your title I thought this was a museum devoted to the Dalai Lama. I had a double double surreal trip through your excellent shots and then I figured it out. You know, both Salvador and His Holiness would love these photos.

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