After the Rain, San Francisco, 1982 by Alexis Gerard

Aamora welcomes back Alexis!

Alexis shares with friends of aamora: “I’m currently feeling at a bit of a creative dead-end, so rather than continuing to show new images, I thought I’d start on a project I’ve been mulling for months” . . .

“. . . Digitizing and organizing 20 years of film work – color and b/w negatives in 35mm., 2 1/4 and APS formats, 35 mm. and 2 1/4 slides, and Polaroids…daunting!”

“But, in addition to the value of the project in itself, I’m hoping that viewing older work kick-starts a new way of looking or revisiting.”

“These are images I haven’t seen since they were shot, nearly 30 years ago. I hope you enjoy the time travel as I have.”


14 thoughts on “After the Rain, San Francisco, 1982 by Alexis Gerard”

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  2. Thank you so much Gail, Jolie, Skip, Ronnie, Michael, Peter, Cookie, Gary, John, Barbara and Catherine! Your encouragement inspires me!

  3. thankyou for sharing these images with us Alexis, the rainwashed feel of the colours is exceptional…I hope you will let us see more!(as you move through your archives)

  4. Hello Alexis, I’m happy that you have posted these. I adore the light in each of these, and am fascinated by the fact there are no people,or animals. It is like time stood still. I think it’s wonderful to revisit what we have already done, sometimes it inspires us.

  5. Hi Alexis. Very nice set of pictures – I love the bluish partly overcast after-the-rain mood with the sun coming out as well. That is a beautiful moment of transition.

  6. Thank you all so much. It’s great to have new (even if it’s in fact old) work up on Aamora – even though it’s been only 2 months since my last post. I’m very grateful for your kind comments and encouragement.

  7. Alexis, it always a treat to see your work. Time has wings and I love looking into the past through your eyes. It’s also encouranging to see what you are doing with your older images. I have neglected to do the same with my stacks of b&w negatives and color slides.

  8. Alexis, there’s something about this style I’ve never quite got. We’ve exchanged messages about it in the past I believe.

    Can’t put my finger on it, but it intrigues me to the point I’ve tried it a few times myself. And, of those who use this style (whatever it is) you’re one of the best!

  9. Welcome Back Alexis, your project of 20 to 30 years back has kicked off in a line-o-licious way here, I so hope you continue to share your time travelling eye; I’m enjoying the scenery

  10. These images are really timeless, don’t you think? I’m particularly drawn to the last image. Everything is so quiet and still… yet the photo is filled with objects of movement.. the on ramps, the train crossing warning and the traffic signs…. wonderful!

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