The Wooden Box by Aaron Schwartz: Aamora Project Secret

The Wooden Box by Aaron Schwartz


The Wooden Box

In the next room

On a blanket

On the floor

She sits

Bent over


Into a wooden box

I see:


A drawing

Shiny something

A marble

Something written

Something drawn

She sees:

A world


Founder of aamora, Aaron Schwartz, is a photographer, actor, lawyer, writer, and flaneur based in Toronto. View Aaron’s work at his website, on JPG Magazine, or more on aamora.

Aamora Project Secret
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22 thoughts on “The Wooden Box by Aaron Schwartz: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. PilarCollGatells :Fantàstica . . . !!!
    Sigues més blanca que el blanc,més dolça que la dolcesa,tota nua en el tue flanci en la meva timidesa.Sigues la pura impuresa.
    by Josep Palau i Fabre25de gener del 1943

    Fantàstica . . . !!!

    Sigues més blanca que el blanc,
    més dolça que la dolcesa,
    tota nua en el teu flanc
    i en la meva timidesa.
    Sigues la pura impuresa.

    by Josep Palau i Fabre
    25de gener del 1943

  2. what a gentle and tender piece of writing. the photo has a magic quality to it, there’s anticipation and expectation. ive always thought that the function of an expectation is to appeal to its basic unfulfillment. these images capture the illusive nature of spirit beautifully.

  3. I have the conviction that if only you had written the poetry, we all would have imagined this wooden box.

  4. Everything about this stimulates the poetic imagination of the viewer. Beautifully done.

  5. Such profound words & images, once again you have revealed the enormity of your secret heart….thank-you Mister A.

  6. Your words are like jewels. Your pictures are worth a thousand words. And I’m thinking maybe there’s a thousand or so jewels in that box? (Actual jewels, that is). Or at least a few dozen?

  7. Truly poetic in every possible sense of the meaning; beautifully composed words and images. Positively brilliant!

  8. Poetry, as I would have expected from you Aaron, and beautiful, mysterious images making us want to see and hear more.

  9. I see:

    Soft lighting

    Softer focus

    Softest touch



    Is nowhere

    To be seen

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