Fringes, an exhibition Nov 6th

Fringes, Photography Exhibition November 6

Featuring aamora contributor Llorenç Rosanes
Peripheries are fringes, interfacing between different geographical realities and landscape configurations. They are the unforeseen and undesired result of a center that is growing and needs to expand, anywhere, anyhow. The periphery is more than just the perimeter of a center; it is also, and above all, the threshold between different territorial (and sometimes mental) realities. These fringes are taking on an increasingly and notably leading role in our environment. Too often these fringes of our lives are untidy, unfinished landscapes and not complimentary to the cities and towns and neighborhoods they border.

To begin to understand the logic of these orphan spaces, it may help to look at them through different eyes and disciplines: art, literature, music, cinema, architecture, geology, sociology, urban planning, ecology. And photography. We must begin to see these peripheral landscapes with new eyes and measure them with different yardsticks. The view of our town and ourselves from the perspective of these fringes can be startling but instructive.

That’s why, in this exhibition Scenes of the Periphery: a Dialogue five of the best Catalan photographers will help us look at these fringes. The invited photographers are Jordi Bernadó, Albert Gusi, Rafael López-Monné, Aleix Plademunt and Llorenç Rosanes.

Their work invites a dialogue between these contemporary peripheral scenes and those that landscape painters evoked a century or more ago, a dialogue between the past and the present from the center of the limits.



– 6 de Novembre de 2010 a les 19h. Museu Comarcal de la Garrotxa, OLOT, Catalonia, Spain
– November 6th, 2010. 19h. Museu Comarcal de la Garrotxa, OLOT
– 6 de Noviembre de 2010 a las 19h. Museu Comarcal de la Garrotxa, OLOT******
Llorenç Rosanes is a photographer from Catalunya (Catalonia). He is a highly skilled and disciplined photographic artist whose photo series are thematically and artistically rigorous and always a pleasure to view. Don’t miss his “accidents” series: click here and then click on the photograph.

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