Words, Words, Words 1: Submission Call

Here’s the challenge:  Submit words to go with the image above. Could be a poem, a story, a joke, a caption, a novel – anything that photo inspires you to write.

Email your submission to [email protected] by June 18 and we’ll publish the best ones !

Aaron Schwartz, the founder of aamora.com, is a photographer, actor, lawyer, writer & flaneur based in Toronto. View more of Aaron’s work at his website, in JPG Magazine, or his past contributions here at aamora.com.

***UPDATE: Click to view the published submissions!.***

8 thoughts on “Words, Words, Words 1: Submission Call”

  1. Rushing rushing rushing
    No time to talk
    Don’t look me in the eye
    Then I can’t see you
    Got get there
    Rushing rushing rushing

  2. I’m not really a wordsmith so I’ll sit out for this one – but I do wanna say the image is really wonderful

  3. a small man with big plans.
    a small man’s world with a fat man wearing big pants.
    small man with big ideas.
    small man in a circus town.
    a big man large on a small man blowing a large man’s big.
    small man wearing a big fat.
    small man trying to find big man.
    the big man talks louder at the small clown and the fat man
    screams at the small man and pays no attention
    because nothing goes on here

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