The Secret Dune by Danielle Kelly: Aamora Project Secret

The Secret Dune by Danielle Kelly


D Kelly secret-2

the beach was full of people
screaming babies,
teenagers throwing footballs over my blanket,
i couldn’t seem to get away.
i decided to walk down a sandy path
about a mile from the busy beach,
i looked to my right and there it was
a beautiful opening, an empty spot.
i was thrilled.
but of course not before this amazing fog rolled in.
lucky i had my diana in tow!

Aamora contributor Danielle Kelly is a NYC photographer currently focused on street, portrait & landscapes photography with available light. View her work on her website, tumblr, posterous or her other aamora contributions.

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13 thoughts on “The Secret Dune by Danielle Kelly: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. There is definitely a feel of isolation and if this image were on a brochure, I would be sold; only to be so very disappointed when I arrived to the sound of screaming babies!

  2. It’s difficult to imagine there was anyone else for miles around. The feeling of isolation is so powerful, and your vignetting gives the effect of a tunnel into time. Beautiful.

  3. It’s as though the fog has isolated you completely from the screaming babies and lotion-wielding mothers, and you are alone in the world. And so is the viewer.

  4. Closer let me whisper in your ear
    say the word you long to hear
    I’m in love with … your photo, oooo
    and your story…
    (with apologies to the fab four)
    Seriously good stuff, Danielle!

  5. what a beautiful image. growing up on the california coast, i know how precious a spot of empty beach can be. the image evokes a nice memory of the past. thank you.

  6. I love this image and post Danielle. I grew up in a house on the dunes so it’s a special secret for me.

  7. “Listen,
    Do you want to know a secret?,
    Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh, oh.
    Let me whisper in your ear.”
    THIS PIC ROCK PLAYLAND! Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to shout.

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