12 thoughts on “Postcards I by Alexis Gerard”

  1. Great shots . The sun flowing down in the background is stunning and the colours are just right .

  2. such beautiful work you do, but if that’s all it was it would simply be extraordinarily beautiful. but your work is more than that, it goes beyond beauty and says something more. in fact, beauty is actually a footnote to the bigger conversation you have with ideas and images. you’re very inspiring.

  3. I believe that at this point I don’t have already to say that your photos are full of connotations to the solitude, to the trip, to the introspection, to the beauty, to the transit…

  4. Aleixis, your are a MASTER of this type of image. I love the square format, the many shades of blues, turquoise and the chartreuse in (Postcard 2). These scenes are awesome to see but, I would hesitate to intrude or or disturb the tranquility.

  5. wonderfully temptingly esotically beautiful postcards Alexis! Now please convene a members’ meeting for Aamora in this spot.
    Those sunbeams coming through on the horizon, and all those deep blues…

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