Guest Poet: Robert Priest (Submission Call)

All The Information In The Sun by Robert Priest

All the information in the sun
Cannot disappear forever

From the universe
Deny light all you like

The dark data shows up
Anyway on your lids

Under your feet
In the part of your palm

You can’t read
You can’t know enough

Dark data to predict
Its effect on any future

The road may or may not be there

At the next step
The journey may go on

Whether or not you disappear
Into the distance

Here at aamora we do a lot of photography, but we’re all about the other arts like writing, too! We are very proud to have as a special guest —- Robert Priest, one of Canada’s top poets.  In addition to being an award-winning poet, Robert is also a novelist, author of children’s books, playwright, songwriter, musician, teacher, and journalist.  If you don’t already know him, you’ll enjoy finding out more about him on his own website here and on Wiki here. And there’s a bio here.

We also highly recommend you check out Robert performing some of his own songs. Click here.

***And in honour of Robert’s contribution to aamora, we’re inviting submissions from you all – send in your photos (one each – 550px on long side) or artwork or video (4 minutes max) or writing (under 500 words) – your work should have been inspired by, or reflect upon, or elucidate, or obfuscate, or perversely ignore the poem, “All the Information in the Sun”. There’s a deadline: April 7, 2011. And maybe a prize.

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  1. I’ve read this poem several times and am still reading, each time finding new meanings and food for thought.We are honoured to have Robert Priest in our midst! (do I remember correctly that some time ago we contributed tree images to go with his poetry?)Much as I love photography, aamora will be enriched by other artforms.

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