Aamora Guest Photographer: Gary Joseph Cohen

Join Us In Welcoming 

Gary Joseph Cohen

As An Aamora Special Guest Artist 

{Contact Lens: Paris, France (Montmarte)}
{Contact Lens: Paris, France (Aurélia Bonta, Actor/Comedienne)}
{Contact Lens: Beijing, China (Construction site)}
{Contact Lens: Manhattan, NY (Upper East Side)}
{Contact Lens: Manhattan, NY (Upper West Side)}
{Contact Lens: Manhattan, NY (Central Park)}
{Contact Lens: Manhattan, NY (Walgreens)}

Gary Joseph Cohen is a documentary photographer, writer and educator living in Manhattan, NY.

His photographic and literary works have appeared in Versal Magazine, The Pinch Journal, The Blue Earth Review, The Lana Turner Journal of Poetry and Opinion, Parthenon West Review, Best New Poets 2005 and 2006, and in numerous print and on-line publications throughout the US, China, and Europe.

In addition to having served as The Badlands National Park Artist-in-Residence (2003), Cohen has received a number of travel grants to directly engage his environmental portrait project Contact Lens.

As the title suggests, Contact Lens alludes to the role photography plays in our lives in bringing people and places into sharper focus.

It also alludes to the corrective process imagemaking can shepherd by bringing distal experiences into contact with one another while maintaining mutual sovereignties.

What was once invisible or inaccessible for any number of geographical, cultural or political reasons, simultaneously becomes demystified and far more compelling than any readymade stereotype could hope to support and perpetuate.

Cohen teaches Foundation & Media Arts at The Calhoun School, NYC.


Gary Joseph Cohen

18 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Photographer: Gary Joseph Cohen”

  1. Always a big fanof your portraits & am so glad to see your wonderous work here at Aamora Joesph, congrats.

  2. Thank you, everyone, for your very generous comments. I am proud to have shared my work with you, and to exchange ideas through the years, through our photos, through our eyes. Affection: -GJC

  3. gary, it is always a joy to stumble across your wonderful, inspiring work — so glad to see some of your images here.

  4. Bravo Gary,
    As always your work is so profound and inspiring, I am so glad that aamora is acknowledging your talent and you are being seen by another important audience. Thank you for coninuing your most important work.

  5. I am a huge fan of Gary’s images! He has a way of capturing the human spirit and essence of the soul. When I look at his photographs, my focus always begins with the person, their stance, their attire, their facial expression, and their eye contact. Then my eyes wander around from different points in each photograph which allows me to appreciate the image even more. The symmetry,the colors,the shadows,textures,light,and the environment as a whole. I admire the fact that Gary is brave enough to approach these people in order to capture a photograph. I myself, find it intimidating. Congratulations, on your Contact Lens Project & all your past & new endeavors! I am inspired by your awesomeness! 🙂 Bravo!

  6. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Gary’s work (and of Gary) for a long time. Seeing his amazing, insightful, elegant, heartfelt work here makes me even prouder to be a member of AAmora.

  7. What happened to the feet of that person at the Walgreen’s? Are people starting to levitate for you Gary?

  8. Welome Gary! Wonderful images that brings alive story time and leaves you with questions and inspiration. Hope we see more soon….jeem

  9. Dude!…like…it’s aamora’s turn to be rocked by your lens…like man…Far Out…like…Who wouldn’t dig the chicks in Paris…or…like…dudes in China…or…like…hustlers and bustlers in NYC…like man…even the guy behind Door Number 1 is probably cool…I’m…like a CVS man myself…But Dude!…these photos are crazy cool…for real man…Later Dude…

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