Short But Sweet by Catharine Amato

1. poster of show
The town in Tuscany where we spend our summers has a festival every year in September. Amongst the colourful stalls, fireworks and prize draws, there’s room for cultural and artistic initiatives.  For the past nine years I have been putting up a photo exhibit. The festival lasts for only three days and each year I have to find a space for my photos. One year I was lucky enough to have an empty shop, a bank had just moved out of.

People come into town from the area and beyond, a good mixture of locals, holiday home owners and foreign tourists. I’ve found the local people really appreciative of my work and they say they now look forward to my show each year.

This year I got to share a three room space with the local theatre group. They were exhibiting costumes from their production of Molière’s “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” (made by the ladies of the town). I had twelve black and white photos of the town to hang.

They gave me one of the rooms to show in, furnished it with antique furniture, an antique camera and photographic material. They even brought in 2 huge baskets of pomegranates! I was spoilt!

No big city lights or famous art critics here, but a friendly environment where, for a short time, art is appreciated and the artist satisfied!


18 thoughts on “Short But Sweet by Catharine Amato”

  1. This must have been incredible! So very simple, yet elegantly displayed in a comfortable and welcoming environment. When I look at your images and read your words I feel warmth, and can only imagine how wonderful the experience must have felt for you.

  2. Ciao carissima,
    davvero splendide queste fotografie, sei sempre più brava!
    ti auguro buon viaggio e a presto,
    un abbraccio

  3. Congrats….CA. It´s great 2 C that your getting your work out there…Yes, being there is always preferable…but this is the next best thing I guess….thanks 4 sharing.

  4. Thanks so much everyone for your comments which are much appreciated.
    Hey Butch! Hope you find John – and your italian isn’t so bad!

  5. Dolce, in veritá! What a fantastic idea from that town’s authorities. And nothing more satisfactory as to have your photos seen by people who really appreciate it. Well done, Catharine!

  6. Congratulations Catharine, what a soul-enriching experience. And I love that square B/W of the covered street

  7. Bravo.

    Mi piace davvero.


    Sto cercando John.

    Mi sono perso.


    (il mio italiano è orribile.)

  8. I can’t imagine a more perfect setting.
    How glorious.
    If you had to pick a person or group to be with…. that would be the one.

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