Aamora Guest Photographer: Lyndon Keating


downtown St. John’s


Old World Charm


St. John’s from the harbour

Boats  in the harbour

boats in the harbour

the four sisters

the four sisters

Sunrise in the harbour

looking out from the harbour to the North Atlantic Ocean

St. John’s Newfoundland by Lyndon Keating

I’m Lyndon Keating from St. John’s,  Newfoundland.  About 4 years ago I bought a point and shoot camera and began taking pictures.  I’ve been teaching myself as I go, learning from my mistakes, and treated myself to a dslr. Advice from a couple of experienced photographer friends of mine has also come in handy.  I learn new things everyday.  There’s a lot of beauty to Newfoundland.  It is a great classroom.

Throughout most of my working life I have done just about everything, from baking to driving. Up until a couple of months ago, I was a steel bender.  You put sheetmetal in a bending press, grab the handle and lift.  It required a good eye for angles.  Backbreaking work.  But recently, my photography has sort of taken off . I had my first exhibition at a local art gallery. I got an award.  I’m honoured to be here on aamora.  No more steel bending for me, I hope. A career in photography would suit me just fine.

Here’s a link to where I won a photography prize.  And I’d be pleased to have you look at some of my work on Flickr.  I’d sure welcome any comments you might have, and will be looking forward to seeing all the great work here on aamora. And any time you want to come up to St. John’s for a visit, I’ll share a few glasses of Screech with you and show you around. The icebergs come by in June, if you’re planning.

9 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Photographer: Lyndon Keating”

  1. Hi Lyndon, im looking to get one of the picture you took printed. Could you please advise if this is something you can help me with?

  2. A veritable kaleidoscope of colour – a harmony of hues with a pleasing pop of the rich palette which is St. John’s. You have the gift – wonderful works captured with the intuitiveness of an artist. A pure pro! Good luck on your continued success – not that luck has anything to do with your obvious talent.

  3. Looks like an enchanted HDR land, far, far away. Well, it is far away from Florida, but I thank you for bringing such beauty to Aamora. Looking forward to more…..

  4. Fabulous work! I love all the color…. so vibrant! I’m especially drawn to “looking out from the harbor to the North Atlantic Ocean”. The opening of the harbor just beckons me to see what lies beyond.

  5. What an amazing burst of colour! The images leap off the page! Thank you for introducing me to this colourful town. I agree with Marie, The Four Sisters really caught my eye.

  6. Wonderful work, Lyndon! I love those colourful shots of your colourful town; they take me back to my visit there. But it’s the Four Sisters that really intrigue me. Nice to see you here on aamora and I’ll be looking forward to subsequent posts by you – no more back breaking steel bending! Cheers!

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