16 thoughts on “The Secret Project by Gary Fudge: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. Gary, your images always seem to make me smile because I can relate to each and every one. Your point of view is masterful!

  2. Secret Wonders from the Oz-Orkney highlands….As always a pleasant sight on the eyes , having your work presented here…..Congrats again Gary.

  3. Great work, Gary. I especially like the first photo…how well I remember that particular kind of secret…and how it seemed like the end of the world to be in the position of the odd girl out…even on such a beautiful day!

  4. my friend..what a delite to wake up and see this beautiful work! the picture of the children is incredible..again! your work just keeps outdoing itself!

  5. “Three things can not be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.” Buddha

    The truth is that these three pics are Secret Project perfection.

  6. This was a great idea by Aaron.
    I was scratching my head for a bit, then got the whole family involved, including my sister-in-law!
    Thanks Aaron

  7. As Alexis says, all 3 photos have their own beauty and secret life. The world of half known, half hidden domestic secrets is enticing and story provoking. Great stuff!

  8. Gary, each of these images is amazing in its own right. Together they conjure up a secret world with hints of a myriad stories, myths and shared experiences. Strong magic indeed, and so beautiful.

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