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FORESTS OF LOST DREAMS by Michael Van der tol

Along Fallowfield Road
Bleak 1
Bleak 2

Canadian winters are extreme. Enduring the temperatures can be challenging. Coping with the shorter days can be depressing. But there are moments each winter when the temperature dramatically rises; creating a wonderful fog that lifts from the snow. It was on such a mid-winter day that the simplicity of a tree line, with its layers of fog and structure was first presented to me. Perhaps it was the similarity with pen and ink drawings of evergreen trees I did as a teenager that attracted me; or maybe it is the forgiving nature of fog as it created a dream-like scene across the landscape. But when I combined these images of fog over snow with photographs of crumpled up tissue paper and wax paper, the result was an aged, ethereal look to each image. Perhaps revealing how I really feel about the Canadian winter.

Bleak 3
Flewelyn’s trees
Fog over snow 1
Fog over snow 2
Fog over snow 3
Fog over snow 4
Forgotten 1
Forgotten 2
Forgotten 3

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