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The world can’t wait to see what you do!

Rich & Jul

(photo by C.Amato) 

Hello friends, contributors and passers by!                                        ,

We welcome any original contributions, photos, videos, writing and art work. You create it, send it to us, we create a post on aamora.com and our followers all around the world see your work. To give you a nudge, we’ve come up with some suggestions. Here are a few to be thinking about:

  • Photos by kids under 10. (could be taken by your child, grandchild etc or by you when you were that age!)
  • Creators aged 60 and over make a picture/story/design/film/video/painting/sculpture/recipe/life plan/joke/quilt/etc for audiences aged 6 or younger (okay, even if you are in your 50s we can consider!)
  • Music and images (slide shows or videos)
  • 30 second movies
  • Very old & very new
  • Slow photography:  film developed and printed, digital pinhole photography, original techniques, etc. – the slower the better.

If you know of anyone who you think might like to share their work with aamora, tell them about us or tell us about them –  that would be great.

Looking forward to new things coming in!

The Submissions button on our homepage may be used for contributions,

and an e-mail to [email protected] will reach us

or a PM on the aamora Facebook page.

The world is clamouring for your wonderfulness. We’ll help spread it around!

– the aamora team