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The Aamora interview – Emanuela Franchini

For our fifth aamora interview London based photographer Emanuela Franchini has kindly agreed to answer our questions.



Why photography?

I’ve been fascinated by photography since I was eight and developed a keen interest about the challenges of self portraiture. This led me to use the camera as a means to capture how our physical bodies relate to the surrounding environment.



Cellphones and compact cameras have helped photography to be seen as more approachable and perhaps less scary. You no longer need to be technically knowledgeable to take good pictures. I only use my cellphone to make calls though.


Digital v. Film – still a topic?

It’s all down to a practical matter. They are used for different things. If you are commissioned a job today ready for 5 o’clock you can’t really use film. Digital allows you to deliver fast.


Is the equipment important?

If you do commercial work yes, it is very important. If you are fulfilling your personal desire to create then any means will do, including a cellphone.


How did you learn to photograph?

I’m self taught. I used to steal my dad’s camera when I was a kid and experimented a lot. I was spending most of my pocket money to develop films.



Are photographs “taken” or “made”?

Definitely made, especially in my case. When I come up with an idea for one of my conceptual self portraits I am the maker. But even when I’m photographing an event I feel I’m making pictures.


Is photography art?

Yes, but like all art not all of it is seen as such. It depends on the viewer’s perception.


Where do you go to look at photographs?

There’s so much photography online and this is fantastic. But still nothing can beat a printed picture especially if it’s big. So I do go to exhibitions whenever possible.


Who is it for – you or them?

Both. I get a real kick out of bringing my ideas to life through photography but I also find it very fascinating to hear what the viewers perceive when looking at my images. It’s intriguing how people can interpret an image in a totally different way from mine and I find this very stimulating.



Emanuela Franchini has been taking pictures since she was eight. She has a real interest in the challenge of self portraiture but also loves to wander around the city to capture people as they go by with their lives. Being very fond of music, concert photography is another natural passion.

Her images have been published on books, web based photography publications and exhibited in London and Italy.

Emanuela’s web site

Her Facebook page ,

Flickr     and  Tumblr  pages.