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Welcome back Carlo Pisa with Chapter 3 of his De Structura 3 portfolio.03 - CONSIDERAZIONI TRA POESIA E SOGNI

Untitled #14 (Без названия #14)

Rosignano Solvay LI -at the Rowing Club

Rotonda SR439

Driving in Tuscany-the roundabout near Ponsacco

Memoria di Luci #5 (Memory of Lights #5)

At our house, under my Grandmother’s bedroom window

Milano 2006 / 52.22

Milan. An italian flag at the Idroscalo

Geometrie Innevate #4 ( ??????????? ????????? #4 ) - ????? ?????

St.Petersburgh-at the St.Peter and Paul fortress

Sant Petersburg #11 ( ????? ????????? #11 ) - ??????????????? K?

St Petersburg at the St.Peter and Paul fortress

Carlo Pisa was born in Italy. Currently he lives and works between Italy and Russia.
In 1982, he started studying photography and began work as David Lees’ assistant on the staff of the photographers of the Time Life group. He also was part of international working teams and was involved in international workshops on photojournalism hosted by Alex Webb, Jeff Jacobson, Bob Sacha, Tomasz Tomaszewski and Jane Evelyn Atwood.
From 1984 to 2004 he worked as a professional photojournalist.
As of 2004, he has been engaged in individual researches meant to be the first step of an exclusively artistic path.

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To see more of his work see his website and facebook page.