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Down the road – Image by Jolie Buchanan, poem by Chris Whitney

Down The Road by Jolie Buchanan

The pebbled red-brown dirt road stretches side-

to-side, converging away in a rolling

whoop-dee-doo fashion, as a couple

in a classic green car drive out

of the photo’s faded colors and

into my life.


Retro tail lights depart

a long-gone past to enter mine, where Dad

drove us through the country, gunning

our car’s engine over the hilly asphalt

as I shouted, “That was fun, do it again,”

and we flew mere inches towards the sky.


In the photo, the car seems to lean right,

as if labored, wanting to stay

behind in history’s place,

but receding telephone poles guide its

hesitant path, pointing it onward, encouraging

it down the road, from my thoughts to its new horizon.


Jolie Buchanan is a mixed media artist and graduate student; Connect with her on the Jolie B Studios facebook page, twitter, or Google +.

You can see more of Chris’ work  on his website