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martin-brownMartin Brown

Introducing a dynamic and multi-faceted group of selected photographers and artists known collectively as: ¨Shadowy people on a Shadowy Planet¨. We currently showcase our work on private Flickr and Facebook sites. Formed some years back on Flickr, I knew many of the artists involved in today’s group by way of various social media forums and common interests. The Facebook group was formed eight months or so ago now under the same banner. As it had originally stimulated great inspiration, I decided not to change it´s monacher.

jason-plattJason Platt

john-lintonJohn Linton

llorenc-rosanesLlorenç Rosanes

marcelo-prietoMarcelo Prieto

marie-wilsonMarie Wilson

matt-adamikMatt Adamik

The images created by the photographers within this collective consist of ¨shadowy¨ or ¨reflective¨ self-portraits. The idea is not to be confused with today´s selfie trends but see our continued tradition as an opportunity to pay homage to the likes of photographers Lee Friedlander, Vivian Maier, Florence Henri, Ferdinando Scianna, Chris Steele-Perkins, et al, amongst the many.

Personally, I find that humour, the sublime, irony and many other such notions, (whether light or dark) can play a significant role in our collective unconscious as we create an unusual brand of images at ¨Shadowy people on a Shadowy Planet¨.

ronnie-ginneverRonnie Ginnever

sonia-ruth-adam-murrayRonnie Ginnever

Our group guidelines are very basic:

Submit one photograph per day.

Although it´s not forbidden, do not use highly photoshopped images, unless of course,  for artistic merit. (our admin. determines what is acceptable).

Can be done in colour or black and white

All photos must be or include one´s self, either in shadow or reflective form.

*All rights remain the sole property of the photographer.

Our goal for this collaborative project will be to go through a curatorial selection process of images in order to publish a book and create an exhibition of selected works.

Feel free to make a proposal at the following links on Facebook or Flickr: