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A BEAUTIFUL MESS by Carol Holmes

Quiet storm

The title. “A Beautiful Mess” is actually a phrase spoken to me by my new found love. He has said I am beautiful, and I always reply that I am a mess, and he says I am his beautiful mess. My mind, body, and soul still grieves over my first love. He understands, which makes me love him even more.

Into the darkness

These images are a composite/photo montage. Sometimes I sketch ideas out first. Then using those ideas I go out and take photographs of most anything that may symbolize what I am trying to convey. Many times there are no words to express these emotions I feel, so I combine or blend these images together to make it whole. To tell my story. I have used everything from a vintage Kodak duaflex, to a Canon digital camera, my cellphone, and even a GoPro camera.

No one Knew her

The unexpected death of my late husband of twenty-eight years has greatly influenced my artwork, and has helped me through the grieving process. I find as an artist this gift of creating something from the heart also helps the heart. Maybe one day it will help others. It is said time heals, but I disagree. Every year it seems like the event happens all over again in my mind. Most of this series is dark, melancholy, and full of questions rather than answers.

Death among us

This will be an ongoing series that will last as long as I live. I feel if this artwork grows, our love will live on. Isn’t that the greatest accomplishment in life, to truly love. I may try different techniques to incorporate into the series, but I will try my hardest to make it cohesive as it slowly evolves.

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