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Mortalitas: a photographic allegory by Fred Shively

1Mortalitas 4227
Mortalitas. Latin. Noun. 3rd declension. Feminine. Definitions: 1. death 2. mortality. This series of images is in praise of the beauty of the final chapters of life.

2Mortalitas 4214


3Mortalitas 4366


4Mortalitas 4377

5Mortalitas 4478

6Mortalitas 4486

7Mortalitas 4465

8Mortalitas 4479

9Mortalitas 4453




Fred Shively was born in Pennsylvania USA.  After studying radio and TV journalism at university, he moved to England and began a long career in advertising and corporate communications. Working with outstanding designers, photographers, musicians and filmmakers helped shape Fred’s skills and creative vision and feed his curiosity.


Fred’s photographic work has been shown in several US East Coast galleries, in various UK magazines and in galleries and publications in Spain.

Visit Fred’s website for more of his work