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CHILDHOOD by Michael Ast, Jeff James and Llorenç Rosanes





“The photographs here are meant to illustrate the energy of young children; in particular, two siblings close in age – one with male energy, one with female energy, and the impulsive energy ignited from their combined sense of elation, adventure and unconditioned imagination. As a father, entirely in love, and loved in return, their joy has earned me an exclusive, second take on life in this world.”



Chiri in the garage

Chiri in the garage

Gideon on the swing

Gideon on the swing

Jasper in the wagon

Jasper in the wagon


Most of us enjoy the feeling of being naked, but children have no inhibitions about being free of their clothes!

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IMG_7539 2a temp

IMG_6477 2a temp



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Aamora asked three excellent photographers, who are young fathers, to give us their vision of childhood. Our thanks to all three for sharing their intimate images of childhood on Aamora!