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All dogs are therapy dogs


PUPPY by Marie Wilson

Search & rescue dogs save lives everyday, using their incredible sense of smell to find people buried in rubble. Therapy dogs perform emotional rescue & they too save lives. Even if they’re not officially trained as such, all dogs are therapy dogs.

Chelsea_M.Van der Tol

CHELSEA by Michael Van der Tol

Dogs walk happily alongside their significant person on a nature trail and also on the bumpy road of life, always loyal and loving, a sweet furry reminder that all is not lost. After a hard day when life’s cruelties seem too much, a dog’s love can be a reason to keep on keeping on.

Clover_laura boston Thek

CLOVER by Laura Boston-Thek


People who don’t own dogs sometimes don’t get it. It’s like not having kids and watching parents grapple with screaming toddlers; you watch dog owners pick up poo with little bags and wonder: what’s the attraction? Try fostering a dog or taking care of a friend’s dog. Or, just take a dog lover’s word for it: Dogs are wonderful.


the look of love

LUCE AND MAGGIOLINO by Catharine Amato


It’s a big responsibility, owning a dog. But those who want or need a dog should get a dog. Make the commitment and give a dog a home. They will give so much back.

Nixie bw

NIXIE by Aaron Schwartz

Marie Wilson wrote this piece. Her dog Nixie is in need of some costly medical attention. So Marie started an online fundraiser. You can find it here: youcaring.com/mariewilson-885356

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