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Love is like honey

(4) honey


Love is like honey

It is made to nourish
It cannot be owned or bartered
It just is
And it exists to bring fullness to life

It is rich
And thick
And clings to everything it touches

It is meant to stay
It is meant to become part of everything it comes in contact with

Love is the glue
The food
And the decadent treat
That this life offers

If there is a heaven

It smells, tastes, and feels
Like honey



Little known loves

Sometimes you wake up

and your mind is a blank

and your eyes are still blurry

and the air smells nice

the bed feels warm

the pillow is soft

your body is relaxed

you feel weightless and cocooned at once

this is happiness, my dear

this is what love is

this is our goal in life

to feel this contentment

it cannot be manufactured

or orchestrated

it is simple

and when it comes

each time it comes

savour it gently

because the mind is not it’s home

the heart is


Fold me up

(2) fold me up 2bright2sm

fold me up

like an origami bird

into your pocket

and carry me to a quiet place

where nothing will hurt my heart

including me



The bubble

(3) the bubble IIsm

I’ve got a bubble in my pocket

It’s just big enough to hold a moment
The sound of your laughter
Or the curve of your smile
Even a message in a bottle like this
From me.
The bubble is delicate
And ready to burst at all times
Sometimes I hold my breath thinking about it
Sometimes I dream it has already popped
Coming undone while I slept.
And yet it is all I have
That can contain even a tiny part of you
So it is all the more precious
For being so frail


Celia Ste Croix has been writing poetry since she was about eight years old, but she is more likely to say ‘since before I could spell, though the spelling hasn’t improved much.’ No matter what else she has done, as a job or for fun, poetry has always been present in the background. She has been published in Lichen Literary Journal, Wynterblue Thunder, Arcady Literary Magazine and won honourable mention in the Winston Collins/Descant Prize for Best Canadian Poem. This is her first published book.


Originally from Montreal Quebec, Kreddible Trout is a self taught, award winning photographic artist currently based in Toronto, Ontario.  He’s bumped, in pinballish fashion, all over Canada and some of the U.S. From Dartmouth NS to Haida Gwaii to San Diego CA  to Elbow SK, his vagabonding has allowed him to photograph many nooks, crannies and other questionable bits. 

When asked ‘what kind of photography he does’, KT usually hums & haws and settles on ‘observational satire influenced by too much rock & roll’.

Kreddible Trout also goes by the more pedestrian name ‘William Foley’ who is often found hollering Shakespearean text at people.

Their book can be found (and purchased!) on Blurb

Follow Celia’s blog and see more of Kreddible’s work here