WALKING WITH GIANTS by Michael Van der Tol

A secret pool along the Little Qualicum River (49°19’0″ N 124°33’21” W).
You definately do not want to navigate the log in the spring run-off (49°23’20” N 124°37’39” W)
Here’s a throw-back from this past winter hiking the Biq Qualicum River Regional Trail
Nothing screams “Rain Forest” more than a hike along the Big Qualicum River after 60mm of rain (49°23’26” N 124°37’16” W).
And just when you thought the rain had stopped – We’re hit with a Pineapple Express”. Love the temperatures, but could do without the more than 100mm of rain. Even my dog has moss growing between her toes.
Christmas Day walk along the Museum Trail – on our way to Grandon Creek.
It’s snowed again..and I actually had to go find my snow shovel. We’ve had 3 signifcant snow falls in December, now it’s time for spring (49°21’10” N 124°28’4″ W).
My first trip along the Grandon Creek Trail – and the snow made it just a bit more magical (49°21’11” N 124°28’4″ W).

The photos are a collection of images photographed during Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall in & around the trails of Qualicum Beach.

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