TRUSKAVETS, Ukraine by Rimma Tsyhichko

A new aamora series -“Where I live”

Here is the Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was built in 1858.

A year ago I and my family escaped from the war so now we are in Western Ukraine. A little town Truskavets sheltered us. This is an amazing place famous for its beautiful nature and mineral springs that made it a worldwide known resort. Here are some photos l would like to share with you.

Here is the Handmade Chocolate Café where they serve the best coffee and the most delicious desserts in Truskavets.
A well-known art gallery. It was built in 1928
Here is St. Nicolas Church which was built in 1884. Now it’s also famous as the center of Ukrainian Christian Culture 
” A picture in the frame”. The Carpathian Mountains are amazing.
The landscape park. I think this is the place where fairies live.
A street shot. The old and new go together here
Autumn is very beautiful in the Resort Park
This little gazebo is a great place for photo shooting
A mineral spring “Ferdinand”. It was opened in 1910

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