Looking back on 2022 with aamora

Gino Domenico -Rachel Weisz
Robert Ford – Naughty Cherubs
Francesco Rametta- Colori
Still Life – a group project

Manish Chauhan– Through the window
Silvia Mercoli – Animals behaving like humans
John Linton – A ride on the Metro
Penny Trim – Flight
Catharine Amato – Portraits from my archives
Giorgio Foco – Venezia di notte
ecstasi-s — Art and words
Seasons Greetings joint post

A big thankyou to all our contributors for sharing their work and hope 2023 will be a creative year for everyone!

2 thoughts on “A YEAR IN REVIEW”

  1. You’ve made this into a wonderful place to come and see wonderful things! Thank you for doing this

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