We welcome Mirko back to aamora with some more of his images.

Mirko Fattor is now thirteen years old and studies in the musical section of his school.  He plays electric guitar and clarinet, is a black belt 1st Dan in Karate, loves fishing and animals. (In fact his dream is to become a vet!) He loves taking photos and has no preferred subjects, capturing what he sees around him.
He has taken part for 3 years running in a photo competition for children under 14 in his home town of Arese in Northern Italy, gaining 2nd place the first two years and 3rd place the third. This year he took part in the “Animal Friends” theme and his work was shown in the final exhibition.
Aamora wishes him every success in the future…..especially with his photography!

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  1. Congrats to you Mirko on this posting of your work at Aamora. I see a lot of potential here. What is perhaps missing or required is some time to develop your own sensibilities within the subject of nature photography. I suggest looking at your predecessors in this field to learn all that you can and build on that as your own unique way of seeing. Good luck with the photo competition.

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