For our thirteenth aamora interview, Carol Holmes has agreed to answer our questions on photography.


Why Photography? 

There is no way I could accurately record what I see by creating a drawing or painting. The light changes so quickly. There are wonderful panoramic views and macro images that can be easily passed by if you don’t slow down and pay attention. Cameras keep me alert and curious.


Absolutely. Why not? It is convenient. Embrace technology.

Digital vs Film – Still a topic?

I think there will always be a debate on it. I started with film in college. I totally loved the processes in the darkroom. Digital cameras are what I shoot with, but lately I have been meshing modern with vintage. With my latest series, “Love Story”. I combine the use of my Canon EOS with my 1965 Kodak Duaflex. Using the combination of the two I can create either vintage imagery, or modern abstract ones. Moving from one spectrum to the other is exciting.

Is the equipment important?

It can be, but as an artist you find ways to work with what you have. Finding new ways to expand your horizon by looking and experimenting new ways to utilize everything you own.

How did you learn to photograph?

Intuitively at first, then later attended college classes. I admire so many artists such as my former instructor who is currently an assistant professor at Francis Marion University in South Carolina, Julie Mixon. Her work is amazing, thought provoking, and beautiful. Others I admire are: Maggie Taylor, Tom Chambers, Julie Blackmon, and the truly talented Ysabel LeMay. Following their works inspires me to work harder to find my voice.

Are photographs “taken’ or “made”? 

Maybe they are “taken” when you just shoot and leave the image untouched. Maybe they are “made” when you take that same image and make changes to it.

Where do you go when you look at photographs?

Sometimes museums, exhibitions, books, or instagram

Who is it for – you or them?

At first it starts off for me. Then as a series evolves, many people seem to relate to it, and the responses are over whelming, then it becomes for them. It makes me want to create more. Whether it is a situation I am going through, or feelings that I cannot put into words, photography gives me the outlet to create something evocative and hopefully relatable. I always have the strong need to leave something behind.

Aamora will be featuring Carol’s work here soon, but meanwhile more can be seen on Instagram and her WordPress blog.


  1. Absolutely love all of Carols work. She has always seen the world and all it has to give in a completely different light than most of us. I believe we’ve only just begun to see the beauty of Carol Holme’s work and I can hardly wait.

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