Our twelfth aamora interview puts our questions on photography….and life to Jim Ford


Why photography?

I was trained as a traditional printmaker and I received a BFA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Photography came along when making a living become a harsh reality. I worked in custom color labs, media departments and finally at SUNY Oswego taking photographs and producing graphics. I discovered that I was good at being a one person media source. Photography was the basis of the equation.



Hello? I have seen some very intriguing images taken with a cell phone. I do not take photos with mine, but it is a tool that some people use very effectively. I have an open mind on how images are acquired and presented.


Digital v. Film – still a topic?

I have processed enough 35 mm film of all types in my time to go to the moon and back several times or so it seems. That does not count the pile of sheet film I have handled and mishandled, but that is another story. The time I have spent in a darkroom is staggering. I honestly believe that the chemicals and poorly ventilated darkrooms contributed to my colon cancer and that is an important topic as far as I am concerned. I for one have taken to the digital process, although at first I was kicking and screaming. It is a matter of choice and they are both viable sources to produce an image. There will always be somebody that will continue to debate this topic, but “move on”.


Is the equipment important?

I do not think so much anymore and would depend upon the application. I carry my SONY RX100 II everywhere in my pocket. I sold my dslr and do not miss it dangling around my neck. It suits my image choices as I do use long lenses. I depend upon photo editing software more than anything else. I use Photoshop CS5 and the nikcollection for all my images.


How did you learn to photograph?

I took a course in college, but the technology guy did not understand my images at all. I think “rubbish” was the term he used and “hippy freak”. I can safely say that I picked up a camera and started shooting and developed an approach and image I was comfortable with. This process evolved and continues today.


Are photographs “taken” or “made”?

I personally take a photograph and make an image.


Is photography art?

Absolutely, when it is meant to be.


Where do you go to look at photographs?

I scan the 500px pages,  Google + and of course, aamora. That is where I have ended up after, JPG Magazine, Flickr and Posterous.


Who is it for – you or them?

MEMEMEMEMEMEME and sometimes them.


Enjoy Jim’s work here

His photo books can be seen here


  1. Great work Jim. I enjoyed your 500 pix portfolio and your BW perspective of the world.

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