Cats and the City by Marco Delucia


Cats and the City is a photography project about unusual pictures of cats living in different italian cities as Rome, Milan, Pisa, Venice, Matera, ecc. I love cats and especially their spirit of freedom.





I’m Marco Delucia, a freelance photographer and a building engineer based in Milan. 

This kickstarter aims at financing the “Cats and the City” book composed of 80 pictures. It will not become the usual book of cats, but it will be a photo project of unusual cats in a book. Each picture is original, strange and special. I love how cats live our cities. They seem freer than us. The live more freely than us and the photo book will show it. I have taken about 80 pictures around Italy to create this book and getting the funding is very important to print the Cats and the City project. It will not be a book just for cat lovers, but for photography lovers.    

More of Marco’s work  can be seen here

His Kickstarter page

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