SAND DUNES BY Stephen Foote




This is part of a larger set of photographs photographed at Struissbaai on the Western Cape in South Africa.  About 5 miles east of the southernmost tip of South Africa is a beach of silver sand which runs for about twenty miles up the South African, Indian Ocean Coast.  The beaches reaches inland to form a large dune system, and these pictures were taken there.  although the dunes aren’t particularly big (that is, they are a few metres high, rather then tens of metres), they offer a beautiful array of abstract shapes.









Sand dune, South Africa...



I am a freelance documentary cameraman, filmaker and photographer based in UK.  I studied photography at Plymouth College of Art in the late 1970’s, was the staff photographer and member of the diving team that excavated and raised the wreck of King Henry VIII’s flagship, Mary Rose.  I have filmed many award winning documentaries all over the world, and have also filmed in several war zones – Gaza, Iraq, Crimea, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic etc, taking still pictures along the way.  I am most interested in landscape photography, and trying to find the unusual in the usual…

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