The Aamora Interview. 1- ALEXIS GERARD

Founder member of aamora, Alexis Gerard answers some questions on photography.

Museuminsel, Berlin, Germany (July 2014)reduced

Museuminsel, Berlin, Germany (July 2014) by Alexis Gerard

Why photography?

To pay attention to the world. To remind ourselves and hopefully all those who look at our images, that even what we consider most ordinary is in fact extraordinary and amazing. We knew that as children but we forgot it over time.
Photography is a magical tool to help us remember.



A camera we have with us even when we have no other camera, one that gets better with every generation of phones.Also the device that enables us to converse visually with others, a shift in our communication patterns that will have profound impact on our culture and even on our brains over time.

Digital vs Film -still a topic?

Not really, the characteristics of each are known and we choose between them according to our temperament and goals.

Is the equipment important?

Absolutely. Great images can be made with any kind of equipment, but the equipment’s characteristics determine one’s options with respect to visual style. You can’t make any kind of image with any kind of equipment, at least not well.

How did you learn to photograph?

At first by doing and reading. I’d go out and photograph, and when my images had technical problems I read books to try and figure out what I’d done wrong.That got me far enough to build a portfolio on the basis of which I was accepted at The International Center of Photography as a full-time student for a year. That was a huge learning experience.

Is photography art?

It’s the most accessible form of personal artistic expression.Whether or not it qualifies as art with a capital “A” is determined by the cultural powers that be and by the eye of the beholder.

Where do you go to look at photographs?

I look at tons of images online, mostly Flickr.There are some amazing creators there.I am also fortunate that there are many wonderful museums and galleries in the SF Bay Area that show photography. I look at painting, too.

Who is it for-you or them?

I’d photograph even if no one else could see my work, but I’d really miss the interactions.

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  1. Brilliant comments Alexis, ones to think about and absorb. It is always a pleasure to accompany your photographic skills and I am delighted to have the opportunity of appreciating your photos on Flickr. Keep up your good work my friend and thank you for sharing!

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