FRIMAGINATION by Dariusz Klimczak (part two)

dariusz klimczak_timer aamora


dariusz klimczak sphere aamora


dariusz klimczak Sawland aamora


dariusz klimczak roof aamora


dariusz klimczak_rockhouse aamora


dariusz klimczak rythm aamora



Dariusz Klimczak was a painter, journalist, drummer in a rock band.
Has been taking pictures  for almost 30 years, for several years engaged in photomontages. Exhibits his works in many polish and foreign exhibitions.
Two of his works were “Photo of the Year” at the photographic portal (“Acrobats” in 2011 – , “Camel Hill“) in 2013
As the only Pole to qualify for the big international exhibition in Cairo, Egypt in February 2012.
Interview with the author was published in the prestigious UK publishing ALTERED IMAGES – New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography.
Winner of the Mayor of Slupsk, Poland scholarship (May 2012).
Dariusz Klimczak sells limited editions of their work at home and abroad.
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