THE MIRROR OF DECEIT by aamora member Rhio 9

This series of illustrations came from a dream about a woman who lived alone in the mountains. She did magick with other women at the “Carnaval des Femmes de Cirque” (the Carnival Women of the Circus). In my dream, I was hiding behind a two-way mirror watching her put on her make-up getting ready for the show. I wanted her to take me with her to see the magick, because when she moved around the circus tent, it was like she could float above the ground effortlessly. In her left hand she held the planet Venus and in her right hand, Mars. After a long while, my eye-lids became heavy and I fell into a deep sleep: a sleep within a sleep, a dream within a dream. When I woke up the next day (in the dream!) she was gone, but I remember when she was leaving she whispered in my ear, “Nothing changes in our memory.”
These illustrations are all that remains of me…. and the dream.

Rhio 9-dream1aamora

Rhio 9-dream2aamora

Rhio9 dream3aamora




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  1. This is an unmistakably Rhio9 contribution! The dream character is very well evoked here – and I like the japanese NO theater effect that gives it a slight terrifying air.

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